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This trend is rather becoming normal where various celebrities collaborate with the top game developer companies in order to come out with a game of their own, with an aim to trend even more amongst their fans. Keeping in mind all that games which have been launched with a similar perspective, there is one which has managed to stand out amongst all these games. This celebrity is not only an actor, a model but is a trend setter in the beauty industry at large. Her fashion sense has caught the attention of millions of people. This actor is none other than the very popular Kim Kardashian. The number of people following her on her social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook is amazingly high. All of her fans love her with a passion and are true followers of her beauty. Therefore, Kim Kardashian in order to satisfy the love of her fans and to give them a gift in turn of their unconditional love, has collaborated with the very famous game developer company Glu developers and launched her very own game version namely Kim Kardashian Hollywood. This game revolves around the player being able to live the life of Kim Kardashian in the game and actually be in her shoes in order to design their own version of a celebrity story. This game demands the player to be right next to Kim Kardashian in the adventure of red carpet.

This article will educate you in terms of playing the very famous game launched by Kim Kardashian herself. The reader will get to know the various features of the game in order to play it with ease and understand the ways to end this game successfully while maintaining the level of interest from start to end.

Features and gameplay of Kim Kardashian Hollywood:

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that Hollywood is all about glamour and some sparkle. There is a constant race between all the celebrities where they are expected to bring in their best game and always try to be on the very top with regard to interacting with different media platforms. For common people, the life which is lived by the celebrities of Hollywood is more or less a dream. The fans of Kim Kardashian largely thank their beauty icon Kim Kardashian for coming out with such an amazing game which has succeeded in minimizing this huge distance between commoners and the celebrities. This game provides the player with chance to create their very own version of a Hollywood celebrity and digitally live the life of a celebrity by having to make choices with regard to dressing up for the red carpet adventure. Not only get dressed but also carry out carefully thought out interactions with the representatives of the media. This game also allows the gamer to get a chance to experience the glamourous yet extremely difficult life of various celebrities. In simple words, this games turns out to be a great way through which the gamer can prove that he/she is a true fan of the respective celebrity by designing the best dress and carry out effective interactions.

Features of the game:

  1. In this game, the player is give the amazing chance to create a celebrity of their own, and then that very created celebrity will play the role of a virtual avatar for the player in all the levels to come. The player is also able to customize the respective celebrity in such a manner that it ends up looking like the player him/herself. The number of styles which are offered in the game are around 100. The best part is that you can also make a choice from the list of Kim Kardashians favorites.
  2. The player gets a superb opportunity to step into the world of glamour where you also get to interact with other celebrities, belonging to different fields as well. You also get to deal with the die-hard fans of those celebrities as well as the annoying yet very important role played by the media representatives. The player also gets a chance to roam around with the very own Kim Kardashian.
  3. While stepping into the shoes of the respective celebrity, the player gets to enjoy being a fashion trend setter as well. In this game, Hollywood provides the player with a chance to set trends and put the red carpet on fire by oozing glamour. You also get to plan for the different appearances on the red carpet by paying visits at the boutiques. The players set meetings with famous fashion designers as well.
  4. People truly understand the importance and the impact being a power couple tends to leave on media and others. It provides the person with an opportunity to influence various individuals and holding the position of hot gossip in the industry. Therefore, in this game you are given the right to either date or dump different celebrities at the clubs as well as some famous resorts. In simple words, the player gets to be a part of the most awaited Hollywood couple at the red carpet.
  5. Furthermore, the game allows the player to completely take over and influence the glamourous world of LA, that too in a completely virtual set up. You can move out of the surrounding and pay a visit at the various resorts, clubs, luxury homes as well as high-end boutiques.
  6. One of the most liked feature of this game is that it allows its players to bring along their friends and connect with them on the game through the social media platform Facebook. With the help of this, the player is able to take help and cooperation from their friends in order to make their created celebrity a big deal in the game.

Requirements to download:

You will be needing a working android device which consists of a 4.0 version, at the very minimum.

The data connection you are making use of should be subject to high speed.